Unleash Human Power

The human machine is a miracle. Our bodies build themselves from blueprints contained in two tiny cells. Our bodies grow taller and stronger. They can repair themselves from many types of damage. They can fight illness. The more we work our bodies, the more they adapt to the work. But they don’t always work perfectly.

Some illnesses are difficult or impossible to defeat, and slow us down. Some injuries will never properly heal, and slow us down. Sometimes we are born with conditions that slow us down right from the starting line.

Often, these conditions are beyond our control. But you don’t have to slow down without a fight –and you don’t have to fight alone.

Bicycle Evolution: Born for the Fight

Fight Disease

Bicycle Evolution was founded by Doug Davis, also known as the @DallasCyclist. Doug knows a few things about fighting illness through cycling. A competitive cyclist, Doug was forced off of the bike saddle during a fight with cancer –a simple fall could have been fatal. Riding a bicycle was unacceptable to the doctors. However – Not riding was unacceptable to Doug.

Rather than giving up on his body, Doug focused on the bicycle side of the equation, turning to other human-powered vehicles. A recumbent trike eliminated the falling issue, and to the astonishment of his doctors, quickly led to hundreds of miles pedaled over countless hours. The results were visible in the bloodwork, which showed improved health and fitness. The activity helped turn the tide of Doug’s battle with cancer and led to tens of thousands of miles across states and countries around the world.

Doug launched Bicycle Evolution to help you fight anything that which may be keeping you from pedaling!

Fight Disability

Bicycle Evolution’s senior coach, Richard Wharton, literally wrote the book on wattage-based training to improve strength and stamina. In other words, measuring energy to train cyclists into pedaling harder, faster, and longer. That may sound like athletes and racers, but Coach Wharton has successfully applied his methods to help people with chronic diseases and disabilities since 1993.

Not long ago, Coach Wharton coached a young woman who found out that her pain from running track was actually Friedreich’s Ataxia, which damages the nervous system and wreaks havoc on muscle coordination. Track was no longer realistic, but this woman refused to be confined to a wheelchair. She found her way to recumbents, but with the help of her mom, Coach Wharton helped boost her Functional Threshold Power by more than 20%, giving her the strength and stamina to complete a 25 mile ride at a fundraising rally and more importantly, reclaim part of her active lifestyle. She has since become one of RideAtaxia’s biggest champions.

Let’s Fight Together

If you are dealing with disease, injury, chronic illness, or just want to get active again, Recumbent tricycles offer an activity that is fun, easy, relatively inexpensive, and offer new adventures. The challenge comes from enjoying this activity, improving your health and fitness, and knowing that the possibilities for adventure are as wide as the open road ahead.

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